I am an Economist and work as a Project Lead Data Analytics for the City of Winterthur. Previously, I have worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Group on Economics of Institutions led by Florian Scheuer at the Department of Economics at the University of Zurich. This is my academic website. For non-academic matters, please find me on LinkedIn.

In my academic work, I study the impact of technological change on the economy and its implications for policy. I am particularly interested in how automation, digitalization and AI affect the labor market and the distribution of income – and what this implies for the optimal design of redistributive policies. In my research, I investigate whether we should tax the robots, whether skill-biased technical change calls for more progressive income taxes or whether we should invest more in higher education.

Beyond my research, I have a broad interest in economic policy and have taught seminars on the Eurozone Crisis, the Political Economy of Globalization, and Macroeconomic Policy in the EU. I also have taught in core course on Macroeconomics and International Trade.

I obtained my PhD from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Tinbergen Institute in 2019. I hold an MSc in Economics from the University of Amsterdam, an MSc in Multidisciplinary Economics from the University of Utrecht, and a BSc in Economics from the University of Mannheim. I have been a Visiting Student Researcher at Stanford University. During my undergraduate studies, I also spent time at the University of Copenhagen.

Research Fields

  • Primary: Public Finance, Public Economics
  • Secondary: Macroeconomics, Labor Economics


  • Technological change and its impact on labor markets - in particular automation, digitalization, and AI
  • Design of redistributive policies such as tax and education policies
  • Macroeconomic Policy in Europe


    • PhD 2019

      PhD in Economics

      Erasmus University Rotterdam, Tinbergen Institute

    • MSc 2013

      MSc in Economics (Tinbergen Institute Master of Philosophy in Economics)

      University of Amsterdam, Tinbergen Institute

    • MSc 2011

      MSc in Multidisciplinary Economics

      Utrecht University

    • BSc 2009

      BSc in Economics

      University of Mannheim


    • 2018
      CESifo Distinguished Affiliate Award
      The Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Award, aimed at encouraging talented young scholars, is awarded to the best paper presented by a young author at each of the CESifo Area conferences.